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Company History

Company History

In Meiji Period usu, the father of founder Hideyuki Murayama, starts production and
distribution of “Sue eyedrops” in the Sue district of Fukuoka.
Jan. 1917 Establishes Taiyo Pharmaceutical Limited Partnership Company in the city of Nogata, Fukuoka
Nov. 1924 Moves to Higashi Ward, Fukuoka and changes its name to Tenyosya.
Nov. 1938 Moves to Minami Ward, Fukuoka.
Jun. 1944 Temporarily halts operations after being dissolved under Japan’s wartime reorganization of businesses (which created a single pharmaceutical manufacturer in the prefecture).
Jul. 1947 Is reestablished as Tetsu Peptone Chemical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., after World War II ends.
Jan. 1948 Reestablishes Tenyosya Co., Ltd., as a sales company.
Jul. 1950 Merges with Tenyosya Co., Ltd., and changes its name to Tenyosya Chemical Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1952 Changes its name to Tenyosya Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1971 Joins the Muromachi Group
Nov. 1996 Builds a new head office and plant in Omuta, Fukuoka and relocates to that location.
Sep. 1998 Changes its name to Muromachi Chemicals Inc.
Sep. 1999 Builds Dai-ni Pharmaceuticals Plant.
Oct. 1999 Acquires ISO9001 certification.
Apr. 2003 Establishes a logistics warehouse near the head office.
May 2005 Establishes Tenyosya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2005 Opens the Tokyo Branch.
Jun. 2006 Starts health food production factory operation.
Nov. 2006 Starts surface treatment factory operation.
Jul. 2009 New office is completed.
Mar. 2010 Starts compound plant operation.
Aug. 2010 Exits the surface treatment business.
Dec. 2010 Muromachi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. established.
Feb. 2011 Builds Dai-san Pharmaceuticals Plant.
Mar. 2011 Starts aqueous urea plant operation.
Oct. 2011 Tsukuba plant transferred from Muromachi Technos Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2013 Shinkatsudachi warehouse is completed.
Nov. 2013 Tokyo branch moves to Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Oct. 2014 Acquires all shares of Toshin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. that becomes 100% subsidiary.
Dec. 2014 Muromachi Chemicals Inc. and Muromachi Technos Co., Ltd. merge and launch operation as Muromachi Chemicals Inc.
Jun. 2016 Builds a new ink adhesive plant at the Tsukuba Plant.
Oct. 2016 Exits the functional resin compound business.
Nov. 2016 Builds a new pharmaceutical jelly plant at the Omuta Head Office.
May 2017 Absorbs Toshin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., in a merger.
Aug. 2017 Builds a new pharmaceutical synthesis plant at the Omuta Head Office.
Jun. 2018 Absorbs Tenyosya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., in a merger.
Dec. 2019 Appoints Jun’ichi Aoki to serve as president.
Appoints Tetsuro Murayama to serve as representative director and chairman.
Appoints Jun’ichi Aoki to serve as representative director and president.
Dec. 2019 Closes the Saitama Plant.
Jan. 2020 Opens the Saitama Development Center in the city of Wako, Saitama.

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