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Secondary Materials for Plant Use

Secondary Materials for Plant Use

Secondary Materials for Plant Use

Muromachi Chemicals has also been functioning as a specialized trading company for almost 60 years. We utilize our experience to offer products from a number of manufacturers that match your requirements, including product contamination removal, dust removal mats, antistatic products, and other consumables.

Clean rollers and adhesive dust removal mats

Removal of dust and other contaminants is becoming increasingly important as the accuracy and definition of electronic parts progress. Contact us if you want adhesive dust removal mats, clean rollers, or adhesive dust removal rollers.

Clean Cream

This moisturizing cream was developed to prevent contamination of clean rooms due to exfoliation of dead matter from dry skin.
Its main ingredient is naturally derived jojoba oil, so that it is gentle on the skin and not sticky. It does not contain silicon, halogen, metals, or other ionic substances to prevent cross-contamination.
The product comes in boxes of 12 60-gram tubes.

Clean mats

These special mats are designed to keep rooms clean. When placed at the entrance to a room, they capture dust and dirt that have adhered to the bottoms of people’s feet and to caster wheels.

Functional film pouches

These film pouches protect precision equipment and clean room products. We can propose the optimal material for protecting the contents in response to customer requirements..

Screen printer

Our screen printers are the latest continuous roll-to-roll screen printers that use a rotating cylindrical stencil printing plate to continuously print onto materials sent at a constant speed.
A major plus is that it can print two to five times faster than a conventional flat screen printer.
System-On-Film (SOF) is currently garnering interest as a new manufacturing technology that creates electronic devices by loading discrete functional elements on a film substrate.

Chemical products and secondary materials

We supply primarily consumable products for semiconductor and printed circuit board manufacturing equipment and products related to production secondary materials.

Liquid- and water-draining rolls

Available in water-, oil-, and liquid-absorbing variants, these products help drain water during water-rinsing processes and liquid when transporting products from a chemical bath.
All of the sponge rolls we offer are manufactured in Japan to provide exceptional trackability so that products are not affected.

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