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Functional adhesives

Functional adhesives

Functional Adhesives About functional adhesives

We carry various adhesive related products for a range of applications to meet diverse market needs.
Please contact us for details about adhesive products, such as instantaneous adhesive, conductive adhesive, insulating adhesive, thermal conductive adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, heat resistant adhesive, adhesive for LEDs, semiconductor sealant, UV curing adhesive for optical parts, thermal curing adhesive for optical parts, and any other types of adhesives.

Muromac® bond

Muromac® bond is a functional adhesive agent developed and produced by Muromachi Chemicals. Different products are available for each usage condition, including a UV-curing type, thermal-curing type, conductive type and more.

Aron Alpha®

Muromachi Chemicals has carried Aron Alpha® products since they first entered the market (in 1964), as an industrial Aron Alpha® seller. Aron Alpha® can instantaneously and strongly bond many types of materials together. Choose the type for your function and application needs. We carry other grades than those shown below. Please contact us for more information.
The Aron Alpha® series and Aron Alpha® are trademarks of Toagosei Co., which is a leader in instantaneous adhesives.

Norland series

Norland Products, Inc. offers a series of high-functionality curing adhesives. UV curing adhesives are high-functionality light curing adhesives that harden in a short period of time when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays.


Epoxy Technology Inc. offers epoxy-based adhesives (EPO-TEK) that are available in a wide range of types, including conductive heat transfer epoxy, insulating heat transfer epoxy, optical/fiber-optics products, and UV curing adhesives. This company also makes products for healthcare use or those with special properties such as low-outgas.

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