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Company History

Muromachi Chemicals Inc.   Muromachi Technos Co., Ltd.
In Meiji Period Usu, the father of founder Hideyuki Murayama, starts production and distribution of “Sue eyedrops” in the Sue district of Fukuoka.   1950 The former Chairman Hiroshi Otsuji establishes Muromachi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in Muromachi, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo with the aim of wholesale distribution of industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
Jan. 1917 Hideyuki Murayama establishes “Taiyo Shoten” and starts creating and selling home remedies.   1955 Starts importing and selling ion-exchange resin, industrial chemicals, medicinal ingredients, and measurement instruments.
Nov. 1924 Shop moves to Fukuoka and is renamed the Tenyosya firm.   1959 Establishes Muromachi Kikai Co., Ltd. and starts wholesale distribution of medical instruments.
Jan. 1929 Creates and starts distribution of “Tetsu Pepton,” a blood-boosting drug.   1961 Starts selling Dowex ion-exchange resin.
July 1947 After the war ends, Tenyosya Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. is established and the business is re-launched.   1964 Becomes a seller of Toagosei Co. Aron Alpha products.
Jan. 1971 Joins the Muromachi Group   1966 Establishes Kojimachi Drugstore Co., Ltd. (currently Muromachi Yakuhin Co., Ltd.)
June 1971 Launches healthcare pharmaceutical production-related business.   1971 Acquires capital in Tenyosya Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. (currently Muromachi Chemical Co., Ltd.) and forms a corporate group.
Dec. 1981 Launches health food production-related business.   1972 Starts producing and selling high purity ion-exchange resin Muromac®.
March 1988 Launches electronic material chemical production-related business.   1973 Establishes Muromachi Electronics Co., Ltd. and launches printed wiring substrate drilling and related equipment production at Shimotsuma plant, Ibaraki.
April 1990 Launches ion-exchange resin treatment-related business.   1974 Signs an agency agreement with Dow Chemical Japan Co., Ltd. upon its establishment.
Jan. 1994 Launches ultrapure water production-related business.   1981 Establishes Micro Technica Co., Ltd. and launches development of image processing and recognition system products.
Nov. 1996 Builds a new head office and plant in Omuta, Fukuoka and relocates to that location.   1985 Starts selling radioisotope labeling compounds (business since transferred to Muromachi Chemical Co., Ltd.)
Sep. 1998 Changes its name to Muromachi Chemical Co., Ltd.   1986 Develops Muromac® conductive adhesive bond and launches production and distribution.
Oct. 1999 Acquires ISO9001 certification.   1990 Ion Exchange Center is established at Muromachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
April 2003 Establishes a logistics warehouse near the head office.   2000 Muromachi Electronics Co., Ltd. takes over management of Muromachi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and changes the company name to Muromachi Technos Co., Ltd.
June 2005 Tenyosya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. established   2008 Signs agency agreement with Selcia Ltd. in the UK for commissioned radioisotope labeling compound synthesis business.
Sep. 2005 Tokyo branch opens   2011 2011 Transfers PCB drilling related business to Muromachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
June 2006 Starts health food production factory operation.   2013 Head Office moves to Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Nov. 2006 Starts surface treatment factory operation.      
April 2009 Launches commercial distribution business.      
Aug. 2009 New office is completed.      
March 2010 Starts compound plant operation.      
Dec. 2010 Muromachi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. established      
Feb. 2011 New OTC pharmaceutical plant opens.      
March 2011 Starts aqueous urea plant operation.      
July 2011 AdBlue® Acquires AdBlue® certification.      
Oct. 2011 Tsukuba plant transferred from Muromachi Technos Co., Ltd.      
June 2013 Merges with (absorbs) Muromachi Logistics Co., Ltd.      
Oct. 2013 Shinkatsudachi warehouse is completed.      
Oct. 2013 Tokyo branch moves to Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo      
Oct. 2014 Acquires all shares of Toshin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. that becomes 100% subsidiary.
Dec. 2014 Muromachi Chemical Co., Ltd. and Muromachi Technos Co., Ltd. merge and launch operation as Muromachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2014 Fukuoka office opens as a new marketing base for Kyushu.
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